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Systems related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Management are an important part of Borhan Holding’s and ECON Construction’s economic, environmental and social responsibility policies.

Our corporate social responsibility projects are contributing to the development of individuals within the districts and regions that we invest in and we are always taking part in the development of local economies.

As Borhan Holding and ECON Construction, we have adopted the principle of reinvesting and giving back to the community. Our focus on social responsibility projects include education, cultural arts, health and the environment.



We strongly believe that our children are the true owners of tomorrow and hence we support them with all our hearts….

We co-operate with the Kagithane District National Education Directorate for those students in the schools located within the ECON Construction Zone of Istanbul-Kagithane.  We provide students with scholarships and where needed unlimited support so as they can be the future citizens of tomorrow.

We want to leave our mark and legacy on people’s lives with the students of tomorrow.

At all times we will continue to give back as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program through investments in diversified fields and sectors.

We support the creation of a contemporary and high standard lifestyle, and we move forward together in a better future.  Our mission is to grow together hand in hand with society and our country.


Ezher Günal
Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs

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Büşra Çiçek
Media and Communication Specialist

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